The Process

When financial limitations are preventing a student from pursuing a college degree, Brighter Horizon grants scholarships to assist in the cost of his or her education.

This funding process includes the following:

  • The foundation will provide scholarships for the purpose of attaining a four-year degree at an accredited college and/or university, or an associate’s degree from an accredited trades school.
  • The foundation will provide scholarships to assist with the cost of tuition, housing, books, meals, and tutoring.
  • The foundation will not provide loans but will assist students in the application process for all available financial aid, as well as private scholarships.

As part of our funding process, the program is publicized through partnerships by way of high school counselors, the foundation website, and community organizations, such as Breakthrough Greater Philadelphia and Girls, Inc. For each eligible student, the following factors and considerations are procured:

  1. Students will be referred by high school counselors, programs for youth run by a community organization, or individuals through private referral.
  2. The foundation will maintain records showing all details regarding recipients of scholarships.
  3. The number of scholarships annually and the amounts will be determined by the funding available.
  4. Each scholarship will be determined based on costs of the college attended, amount of other scholarship funds and financial aid received, and the family’s ability to assist with college costs.
  5. Annual renewal of a scholarship requires the student to be in good standing at the university, while maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.7.
  6. Detailed records of each scholarship will be maintained where the recipient will be required to submit mid-term and final transcripts each semester, provide documentation of any outside scholarship money or financial aid received, and continue their enrollment without interruption unless approved by the Foundation. Payments for tuition and housing will be made directly to the institution and stipends will be paid for books and food unless part of a meal plan; in which payments will then be made directly to the school. If the student is not in good standing with the university or failed to meet minimum GPA requirements at the end of each semester, funds will not be granted for the next semester.
  7. Scholarship award selection will be determined by the Selection Committee, which will consist of the following board members: Yvette Bright, Alana Robinson, Terry Booker, Lisa Santare, Richard Lauro, and Alan Krigstein. Each member has attained a college degree or higher. If necessary, replacements will be selected from other board members.
  8. Relatives of Selection Committee members, board members, or employees are not eligible for scholarship funds. The partnership with high school counselors and entities will guard against biased selections.